Michelle May O'Neil, LGBT Ally and Advocate, www.lgbttexasfamilylaw.com

Michelle May O’Neil, LGBT Ally and Advocate, www.lgbttexasfamilylaw.com

Today marks the official launch day for my new family law blog focusing on LGBT issues in Texas. This month we expect a ruling from the Supreme Court of the United States in the Obergefell case, which will, one way or another, be a landmark decision in the history of gay rights in America. Whatever that decision, it will impact the lives of gay and lesbians right here in Dallas and in Texas. But, the ruling won’t magically solve all of the issues related to same-sex marriage, gay parenting, or other family law issues affecting members of the LGBT community. In fact, it will only open the doors to many new issues that gay and lesbians will have to face. What are some examples? Informal marriage based on prior commitment ceremonies, presumed parents versus nonbiological parents, community property laws, alimony, premarital agreements, and much more. This blog is designed to be a place for education on the intersection of LGBT issues and Texas family law. It cannot be considered legal advice, as you should get legal advice based on your specific set of circumstances from a lawyer qualified to assist you. If you need a lawyer, we are happy to help. But, don’t rely on our posts here as a substitute for the in-person, real time advice from a lawyer. Laws in different states vary, so if you aren’t from Texas, take what we say here with a grain of salt and get advice in your own state. This is an exciting time for the LGBT community and we will be here to educate and guide readers through it. Enter your email address in the subscription bar on the blog website so you will receive our updates via email. Share our posts on Facebook or other social media. Let’s get the word out and educate the public on this important time.

Special thanks to Kevin O’Keefe, Collin O’Keefe, and all the members of LexBlog for your support in getting this blog created in record time and in promoting our message through your network. Here’s the link to LexBlog’s post about our launch. Looks like we are the only LGBT family law blog on their network right now.