I was fortunate to be asked to participate in the conversation on marriage equality leading up to and on June 26, 2015, the historic day when SCOTUS issued its Obergefell decision extending marriage equality to all and recognizing LGBT rights under the US Constitution.

Here’s a run down of my media appearances leading up to an including June 26, 2015’s historic day:

WFAA 8 – Three possible outcomes from marriage ruling 6/26/15 (video) Family Attorney Michelle May O’Neil speaks to News 8 about the three possible outcomes from the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling.

Texas Lawyer – SCOTUS’ Same-Sex Ruling Untangles Legal Remedies in Texas (Text Version) 6/26/15 (Text) “This is probably the most significant constitutional opinion of our generation. It extends the right to marry to a class of people that have never had that right,” said Attorney Michelle May O’Neil.

WFAA 8 – What marriage ruling means for Texas families 6/26/15 (video) Family Attorney Michelle May O’Neil talks to News 8 about what SCOTUS’ marriage ruling means for Texas families.

LXBN – Breaking: Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Legal in All 50 States 6/26/15 (Text) “I think it’s everything that everybody hoped and thought it would be, and the historical significance is going to prove to be bigger than we realize today,” said Attorney Michelle May O’Neil. “This is kind of the constitutional rights decision of our generation.”

WFAA 8 – Attorney predicts same-sex marriage ruling coming Friday 6/24/15 (Text) DALLAS – History suggests the U.S. Supreme Court will decide on Friday whether to legalize same-sex marriage, said Michelle May O’Neil, a family law attorney. “I think this is probably the most important constitutional rights question of our generation,” she said.

Additionally, I wrote a blog posts

Expected Marriage Equality Decision on Friday, June 26

Marriage Equality – the Whole Enchilada that was featured on Dallas Morning News LGBTQ Insider Blog and LXBN (LexBlog Network), and received a Top 10 Blog Post of the Day Award from LexBlog.

Rome wasn’t built in a day; neither will LGBT equality. But, we have the cornerstones.

The conversation on LGBT equality continues and I’m honored to be part of it.