Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to You Tube. People can create their own channels and provide systematic videos in the form of a video blog. Over time, certain video-sharers become pseudo-celebrities on their special topic. Here are four video blogs that are stellar resources on LGBT parenting issues. These video blogs are inspiring because they show the diversity of the modern family. These people are real and identifiable.

OliviaHas2Moms features Ebony and Denise and their beautiful daughter, Olivia. Ebony and Denis have been married for three years. They started their YouTube channel in 2011 and since then it has grown to 64,637 subscribers and has had 3,462,468 views.


Gay Family Values began in 2006 and currently has 35,705 subscribers and has had 6,959,204 views. This YouTube channel is separated into a few categories. “Ask A Gay Family” began as a response to California’s Prop 8. In these videos the entire family responds to personal questions, sent in by viewers, about their family, their personal views, or what it means to be a part of a gay family. “Gay Adoption Story” is another section of the YouTube channel where Bryan and Jay discuss the adoption process of their own children to help parents-to-be.


JiMONiC19 is an interesting YouTube channel because it features Jing and Monica, a lesbian couple, who have vlogged (video blogged) the entire process of making their family which came to be in 2014 when their daughter Estelle was born, including explaining the home insemination process. This can be very helpful for gay and lesbian couples who are looking to do the same thing. With 7,913 subscribers and 964,919 views, Jing and Monica and their daughter Estelle will most likely rise even farther into YouTube stardom in the coming years.


Michael and Luigi is a YouTube channel that documents the life of Michael and Luigi, gay fathers to Logan, their son. They currently have 2,993 subscribers and 132,249 views. For the most part, this YouTube channel has videos that show the lives of the family from their vacation to Disneyland to what the family did on Father’s Day.

Hat tip to Huffington Post here.