LGBT parenting photo gallery

Fisher Price and Proud Parenting photo gallery of LGBT parents

Have you seen the Fisher Price photo gallery aimed at increasing the visibility of LGBT parents? The toy company teamed up with Proud Parenting, an online community forum for LGBT parents, to launch their Proud Parenting LGBT Family Photo Gallery. The project features a curated photo collection of LGBT parents and their families that will be featured on digital media outlets and promoted by Gay Ad Network on websites and mobile apps. Through increasing the visibility of positive examples of LGBT parents, the editor-in-chief of Proud Parenting Jeff Bennett hopes to lead the way for a new generation of families. There are an estimated 3 million LGBT Americans who are parents and 6 million Americans who have a parent who identifies as LGBT.

Fisher Price is owned by Mattel whose brands also include Barbie, Hot Wheels, and American Girl.

One reason this type of ad campaign is so important is that it provides the community with images of people “like us” that heterosexuals and homosexuals alike can look to for positive role models. LGBT families interested in participating can submit their photos through the Proud Parenting Facebook page:

Hat tip to Huffington Post Gay Parenting article Fisher-Price And Proud Parenting’s New Campaign Aims To Increase Visibility Of LGBT Parents