Zales loveandpride gay wedding jewelryZales, a national jewelry store, brings a line of wedding rings designed for LGBT couples. According to their press release, the jewelry stores have recently started carrying Love and Pride, a collection of gay wedding jewelry designed by out artisan Udi Behr, in dozens of stores — in the U.S. and Canada.

“Now, the LGBTQ community knows that Zales stands with Love and Pride and with them,” says Behr. “The idea that malls and retail stores across America will have Love and Pride displays for wedding and engagement rings and other LGBTQ-friendly jewelry is a milestone.”

“As we reach out to the LGBT community across the country, Zales has been an amazing ally, providing training and support to all their stores to provide the most inclusive and thoughtful experience for couples who are looking for beautiful jewelry that speaks to their hearts as they marry,” he added.

Love and Pride’s jewelry collections include engagement, commitment, wedding and anniversary rings. Behr has previously partnered with high-end retailers including Fred Segal and Saks 5th Avenue. The Zales collaboration is their largest to date, and comes one year after the Supreme Court ruling brining marriage equality to all 50 states.

With the newness of gay marriage, comes the lack of etiquette and tradition associated with gay weddings. Do you get an engagement ring, wedding ring only, or both? Should both spouses get a ring? Should they be the same or different? The good news is that the lack of tradition and etiquette leaves couples to do what is best and meaningful for them.

Here are some things to think about when picking out wedding rings from How To Buy a Lesbian Wedding Ring:

  1. Decide on your budget. Don’t break the bank, but remember that your wedding band is something that will be with you always.
  2. Decide on a style. Do you want something traditional? Or something with rainbow colors? Or, would you prefer something more meaningful to you? Do you want matching bands or for each spouse to pick out a unique band for the other?
  3. Decide where to shop. Online, traditional rick-and-mortar store, or a shop that caters to the LGBT community?
  4. What material do you want your rings to be? Gold, silver, platinum are the traditional choices, but another material may be meaningful to you.
  5. Will you have engraving? Is there a saying, lyric, or verse that means something to you?