Oklahoma Supreme Court finds non-biological parent to have the *same rights* to a child born during a same-sex relationship as the biological parent. “A nonbiological parent stands IN PARITY with a biological parent…. Lori did not act in the place of a parent; she is a parent.”

The Court put in place the following standard for these cases:

“We conclude that, to establish standing, a non-biological same-sex co-parent who asserts a claim for parentage must demonstrate–by a preponderance of the evidence–that he or she has
* engaged in family planning with the intent to parent jointly

* acted in a parental role for a length of time sufficient to have established a meaningful emotional relationship with the child, and

* resided with the child for a significant period while holding out the child as his or her own child.

“As always, a court shall assess these factors with the best interests of the child as its foremost aim. When a continuing relationship with the non-biological parent is in those best interests, a court must honor its validity and safeguard the perpetuation of that bond. In such proceedings, parties may continue to invoke equitable doctrines and defenses, e.g., equitable estoppel.

Now, looking to Texas…. when?

Read more here: https://law.justia.com/…/okl…/supreme-court/2019/115362.html