The Dallas Court of Appeals issued an opinion in Hinojosa v. Lafredo on Friday that potentially calls into question the retroactivity of same-sex marriages in Texas.

Hinojosa sued for dissolution of an alleged marriage. The trial court bifurcated the case and jury trial was held on the first portion of the case to determine whether

As I reflect on my first year of practicing family law (including divorce and child custody in Dallas, Texas), I realize that there were many moments where I felt the weight of the responsibility of my new title very heavily on my shoulders. Because I was a paralegal for so many years before law school,

hotel california
Texas is the Hotel California of same sex marriage.

The Eagles sang about the Hotel California in their 1977 song: “You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!”. The current state of same sex marriage in Texas is similar. Couples can go to other states and get