marriage equalityWith drama and historic significance, the US Supreme Court held today that same sex couples have a Constitutional right to marry. In so doing, they held that state bans against same sex marriage are unconstitutional. They also held that states must recognize marriages from other states.

Technically, the decision won’t take effect until the mandate

june26It is widely expected that the Supreme Court of the United States will issue their opinion in the Obergefell case defining the rights of same-sex couples to marry on Friday, June 26, 2015. The Supreme Court rarely announces the date upon which it will issue an opinion in a case and there are never any

TX-Supreme-CourtAfter a long 2 year wait, the Texas Supreme Court finally issued rulings in the two same-sex divorce cases pending before it. One involved two men from Dallas — In re JB and HB. The other involved two women from Austin — Naylor v. Daly. Unfortunately, we are no closer to understanding how married same-sex

June 12th is the anniversary of the 1967 US Supreme Court decision in Loving v. Virginia, which struck down laws in 16 U.S. states banning interracial marriage – mainly between blacks and whites. The US Supreme Court found that such laws restricting the freedom to marry solely based on racial classifications violated the